Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tiffany vs. Ebay 

"A federal judge ruled that Tiffany & Co., not eBay, is responsible for the sale of Tiffany fakes on eBay in the United States. Tiffany is appealing the ruling. It means collectors must be extra careful when buying online. Another word of warning: Auctions can be so exciting they create "auction fever"--and you can pay more for an item than it's worth. Check before the sale and set the top price you think something is worth. Avoid emotional bidding. And be sure you know the auction gallery. Recently several lawsuits have been filed over prints and paintings bought at art auctions on cruise ships. The appraised values turned out to be too high and some of the prints had forged signatures."  "Kovels-7/22/08" 

I am a reputable Ebay store.  If anyone sees anything in my store that they may question "authenticity" of the item described please email me.    


merc3069 said...

Great site! I am glad to find you via your comment--how did you find me?
Wow--I am partial to both Tiffany and Cartier and sad to see them promoting the knock offs. Not too surprising, though--there have been rumors about the "real deals" trying to soak up as much proft as possible for years, especially cornering the Asian market for fakes:(

vickysplace1 said...

I was recovering from surgery when you wrote on my blog. Oh My, I am responding late. I visited China. People come up to you from everywhere and try to sell you fake rolex watches. The trouble is, if you buy them and try to bring them to the USA-You are violating trademark laws. Your actions could be punishable by law.