Sunday, November 16, 2008

E.S. Curtis

Framed Photoprint E.S. Curtis Coast Salish Women 1899

E.S Curtis was a pioneer anthropologist photographer of the American Indian from 1907 to 1930. His photos were significant to history. The photos were controversial representations of traditional American Indian culture ever produced. The library of Congress documents him as “American Memory.”   Library of Congress 

His full name was Edward Sheriff Curtis and he photographed Indians west of the Mississippi. The curtis collection has a wide collection of photogravures and extensive history of the photographer.   Curtis-Collection 

The Royal BC Museum is the current name for the British Columbia Provincial  Museum. Vicky's Place  vickys-place-collectible-art-curio  (Item number:40184060918) has a beautiful print of one of his pictures. A 1899 Salish Women Indian photo print framed by the museum in 1977. The program dedicated was expressive of the history pertaining to Curtis's life and photos.royalbcmuseum

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