Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Holiday Tree Throw, a precious doll under the tree

A beautiful artistry tapestry throw of our Favorite Holiday Toys. I collect dolls. The throw with a doll under a tree a delightful scene. A pretty backdrop for a Christmas display of dolls.

The words around the throw are "Deck the halls with boughs of Holly, FA LA LA LA-- , Don we now our gay apparel, FA LA LA LA---T'is the season to be jolly, FA LA LA LA--Troll the ancient yuletide carol, FA,LA, LA, LA--- I enjoy singing the song.

The tree is decorated with teddy bears, stars, candle lights, ornaments, rocking horse, stockings, horns and angle. Many presents under the tree with a doll plus her buggy, a large rocking horse and bear. 
The throw size is 46" x 68."  The Fieldcrest throw designed by Betty Whiteaker. The throw is in excellent condition, no holes , no snags and great color. Some gold glittering in the material. Thick cotton woven into a beautiful tapestry. Gentle cycle- tumble dry. I dry cleaned the throw. It is fresh and clean -ready to use.  Click on the title to enter my eBay store to buy this lovely throw. Never too late to add this heirloom to your tradition for the holiday.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is Seattle Goodwill?

Picture taken in Budapest Hungary.
Old Picture of a nun.
An old postcard of angels and a heart.

A mission of mine is to give back to the community by supporting the poor. I do this by buying all kinds of items in various community stores. I believe in giving to the poor as part of my business. One of the stores I support is Seattle Goodwill. The Goodwill is a wonderful organization for the poor. A non-profit organization providing basic education and job training services. The Seattle store trains and employs people. They serve 2,200 people at their 9 Job Training & Education Centers last year. They also employ more than 1,200 people. Goodwill's mission is to change lives through employment. Expansion plays a major role in that mission, they need partners who share their goal of helping those in need in the community. Currently there are 19 stores in WA state.
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Sexy, Glitzy, Glitter, Pretty, Beautiful and Glamore

My trip to the Glitter show in Seattle. Enjoy the glitter dress fashion show. The gorgeous dresses pictured would make anyone feel on top of the world with confidence at any special occasion. The sequin brown shiny full sweep dress and the black velvet lace dress with rhinestones are by the designer Jessica Scott McClintock.
I have listed the dresses in my eBay store. Click on the title above and oh la la you will find more information.
Oriental blue glitter velvet dress from China Town Seattle WA.
Designer April Cornell
Designer Jessica Scott McClintock
Designer After 5
Designer Jessica Scott McClintock

It was a one hour wait before Joy and I rushed into the show room floor. Tons of people all around. Women wore leotards to dress in front of large mirrors placed in various areas of the show room.
I packed my Goodwill Eco-Friendly bags. Joy is showing off her bag. Sister shopping is so fun! Joy is excited and I was too. We hunted the glitter show for 6 hours. We both shopped until we dropped. We dropped into China town to eat our dinner meal. We needed food to be able to get home safely.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Once a Year glitz sale in Seatle

I have this lovely Doll in my eBay store. Baby's First Christmas.
My friend Joy
My friend Joy

Today I am headed over to the "Glitz" sale with my girlfriend, Joy. I will be shopping for store inventory. I am excited and thrilled to bring some Glitzy items to the stores for the holiday season. I will share my journey and treasure finds when I get back. I will tweet as I go. Follow my tweets to ride the discovery with me. Ta Ta, I am off to the sale.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Antique dresser, buffet, chester drawers and 2 shabby chick mirrors. Listed eBay classified Seattle

Antique 250 years old sewing basket-Scandinavian.
Antique cherry finish, heavy wood dresser for a bedroom or any room.
A gorgeous antique buffet in great condition for it's age.
A cute small oak antique dresser drawers.
The two buffet mirrors shabby chick art. Painted by Martha.
I have listed the antiques in Kijiji Seattle WA Classified adds. To get to Kijiji click the title. Then under sale click antiques/vintage. You will see see my listed furniture under the antiques/vintage. I am helping out my dear elderly friend who wants to sell her antique furniture. She moved into a small apartment and needs room. I am willing to review all best offers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The true meaning of honoring your Mother

Who would ever think in this world that your mother's bowel needed so much attention. The bowel made sharp pain cries. The bowel produced diarrhea. My mother said her bowel was wearing her down. I had a headache-ouch! Immediately, I called the doctor. The doctor ordered Kaopectate. A pharmacist told me the pink milk works the same as Kaopectate. I bought the pink milk instead of going to a different store. Mom took two dosages and her diarrhea stopped-Thank you God.

The next evening my mother yelled -"Vicky, Vicky, Vicky." I ran to her and saw her looking into the toilet. She said, " My stool is black. I never had black stool before. I must be bleeding." I looked at black stool. Now, what was I going to do. Why me! To the best of my nursing knowledge the stool was not notable for blood. The consistency of the stool was not sticky or tarry. I told mom, but she did not believe me.

Mom contacted the Doctor's nurse. I reported to her about the pink milk. I reminded the nurse pink milk stops upset stomach, gas and diarrhea. The nurse said the pink milk caused the black stool. This pink milk caused a pink elephant in my life. I told mom what the nurse said , she sighed with relief. I went in the other room and chuckled hard, harder and almost wet my pants.

Now, I am home. The eight days of caring for my mother after her surgery opened my eyes to honoring your Mother. My mom is much better, she still has breast and bone cancer. Her cancer medications appear to be working so far. God Bless Mom!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Nightmare of a Urinary Catheter,but Honoring Mother

Mother had surgery on 9/8/09. Her bladder decided to spasm with laughter after the surgery. She took medication to calm the bladder. The next morning the darn thing would not empty out completely . The bladder was too relaxed and me and my mother were in hysteria.

The doctor's verdict was for mom to go home with the catheter. My mind said shoot, shoot and more shoot that bladder. Of course shooting the bladder was not going to help matters. The hospital nurse instructed us how to care for the catheter. My mom said she was scared and a chicken. I said mom don't worry, be happy, no problem I have it under control.

I have been out of practice with the clinical on hands practice of nursing for 26 years. I forgot some of the tricks of the trade whent working with a urinary catheter. Of course the hospital nurse taught technical techniques , but not the true life as the world turns approaches.

The set up items needsed to include kleenex. I drained the urine out of the bag, shook the tube ending, raised the tip and urine spray hit my lips. Urine lipstick is auwful! I ran to the bathroom to wash it off. I remembered urine was sterile. Thank God!

The kleenex stopped that event from happening again. Another incident was spraying my big toe in my thong when I forgot to clamp the hose. Gloving the hands is hard to remember. Once I said to myself -I will be Ok with out the gloves. The kleenex wet with urine soiled my hands,ugh!

By the second day, I learned the art of caring for a urinary catheter. The true meaning of honoring your mother.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vintage Dolls and Modern Dolls in my eBay store.

Vintage Hazelle's Marionette Robin Hood-809 Toy. HAZELLE'S MARIONETTE OF ROBIN HOOD, #809, CIRCA 1950's.
A Pretty Kelly Mattel doll 2001 cloth body with tag. Her neck marks mattel 1999.
Cute Collectible Scarecrow Cloth stuffed Body 100% polyester, Autumn Home decoration.
GORGEOUS, Miniature Porcelain Strawberry Blondie Doll with white lace over blue satin dress.
Vintage- The Original Holly Hobbie Miniature Rag Doll. Holly Hobbie is an American icon. Launched in 1967 by American Greetings, by 1975 Holly Hobbie rag dolls outsold Raggedy Ann dolls 5 to 1. Five years later, Holly Hobbie was the #1 licensed character in the world for the adult market. The year range for the doll is 1969 to 1972.

These are few of my lovely dolls! Doll collecting or getting a doll for someone else at a good price is when you shop at vickysplace1.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Art of Haggling

For the new Baby Room
Vintage small dress for maternity time
Vintage small maternity dress
Vintage mink collar, I keep thinking it will look grand on a stuff bear.
Vintage small maternity dress

In my eBay, Bonanzle and IOffer stores, the art of haggling comes with the territory. "Is that the best you can do?" is often the first question that begins the gentle duel.

In many parts of the world, haggling is expected no matter what the purchase. In North America, it is often limited to big-ticket items such as jewelry and automobiles. However, it has quickly become the norm during our recession and is likely to remain a permanent part of the landscape even after sales recover.

America’s Research Group found in a survey taken earlier this year that 72% of consumers tried to better the price tag in the past year in a smaller or specialty store businesses. Remarkable 80% of the time, they succeeded in paying less than the ticketed amount.

So the next time you think you cannot afford that item you are drooling over in my internet stores , think again and polish you’re haggling skills.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mister Poll: What kind of material doll do you like?

Mister Poll: What kind of material doll do you like?

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Check out my IOFFER store!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Peignoir, Negligee, Awaken Men and Women To Spices Of Life*

A gorgeous vintage vanity fair negligee set, including a and robe. The robe is full with a wide sweep. The peignoir negligee set looks new, the tag looks new. I do not see any thing wrong with this lovely set. The color is one of kind. Pink underline with sheer blue material on top-magnificent! The pictures are good,but doesn't always capture the iridescent pearl coloring.

The set comes to you clean and fresh. Smoke free environment.

A gorgeous light blue and tan lace vintage movie star negligee set, including a negligee and robe. The robe is full with a wide sweep. The peignoir set is in good condition. The set has some small holes, but still wearable. Due to the flow of the gown and robe, the holes cannot be seen.

Nobly "peignoir" is a word describing feelings of a woman-man in the opening stanza of the poem "Sunday Morning" by Wallace Stevens. "Complacency's of the peignoir, and late Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,--" 
"Peignoir" is a long outer garment usually sheer and made of chiffon. "Peignoirs" are are often worn with no underwear. What feelings of sexuality does the word "Peignoir" birth into your minds? I think flirty, exotic, sexy, eccentric, pleasing to the eye, arousal, and spice of life.

"Negligees" are beautiful works of art made of sheer and semi-translucent fabrics and trimmed with lace or other fine material and bows. Multiple layers of fabric are often used. My favorite "negligees" are from the 1940s to the 1970s.

"Negligees" made from the 1940's to the 1970's are now collectible vintage items.‎ The "negligees" are hard to find, especially with a matching "peignoir." A vintage "peignoir" and "negligee" were worn once or twice, during a honeymoon or wedding night. The sets still can be worn many times.

"Negligee" is a garment intended for wear at night and in the bedroom. This is probably a Victorian definition and does not resonate to the now. Let's not overlook the fact, that a "negligee" can be worn anytime, day or night, and any where in the home. A "negligee" does improve sexuality and sleep.
I found an interesting fact that it was only after World War II nightwear changed from being primarily utilitarian to being primarily sensual or even erotic; the negligee emerged strongly as a form of lingerie.  (The Blue Set is Sold)

(The Yellow Set is Sold)

The care of the "peignoir" sets are simple, because of the material they are made of. Wash the lingerie with mild soap and a softener. Either machine wash delicate, dry delicate, or hang dry or hand wash, wrap in a towel, and hang dry.

I have collected several peignoir sets and wear them occasionally. The sexy and elegant feelings are enjoyable to me. Collect one "peignoir" set in a different color each month. By 12 months, you will have a nice collection. A quality "peignoir" set will cost between $40.00 to $200.00. Buy what you like, cost doesn't matter. You can rotate your collection by selling them on eBay. By selling them on eBay, before long, you will have money to keep your collecting an active self-supported hobby.
Awake to a new spice in life. Think about your sexuality, and start wearing or collecting "peignoir" sets and or "negligees." It is stylish and sexy to wear them. The lingerie you choose is sure to be a wallah!

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