Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Introducing Amazing Antique Dolls for a Wonderful New Year to All.

French Bisque Bebe with Walking Mechanism c. 1895
Although this doll has a Simon and Halbig head, it has a marked Brevete SGDG ody and original French clothing that indicate the head was ordered by a French dollmaking firm who actually produced the doll. The doll is 22" tall and has a hinged walking movement at the hips that makes the doll turn its head and cry "mama." Circa 1895 and all original

Jumeau EJ French Bebe, Size 11, c. 1884
This Jumeau EJ French Bebe wears an antique silk costume. She is 24" tall, a size 11, circa 1884. She has a faint hairline on her forehead.

Rheinische Gummi Celluloid Mechanical Walking Doll
Doll walks when wound. She is 13" tall ith a celuloid shoulder head with sculpted hair, glass eyes and a clockwork mechanism.

English Poured Wax Doll in Original Gown c. 1880
This 30" poured wax shoulder head doll has glass spiral threaded eyes and a muslin stitch-jointed body with poured wax lower limbs and bare feet. She has her original gown and her original maker's mark which is partially legible. Circa 1880.

Painted Eye French Fashion Doll by Unknown Maker
An early French Fashion doll with shoulder plate and painted eyes, this doll is by an unknown maker. She is 18" yall and circa 1860s.

Antique English Wax Lady Doll with Lever Sleep Eyes and Original Costume
This 23" wax shoulder head doll has black glass eyes which open and close using a wire lever operated from torso, a muslin stitch-jointed body with leather arms and an original outfit. She is early, circa 1865.
30" Tete Jumeau In All Original Costume c. 1885
This Tete Jumeau is early (1885) and large at 30". Also, the doll is wearing a completely original couturier costume. She is marked Depose Tete Jumeau Bte SGDG 14 (and artist check marks) Jumeau Medaille d'Or Paris (body).

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