Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine! I am sharing 25 things about me with you.

This is me in Hungary listening to a commentary about an old cathedral.
A doll in my store. She is so pretty
A picture in my store. I like looking at the ladies in the flowers.
Here are my 25 things about me in random order.

1. I am a treasure hunter and share my treasures in my Ebay store.
2. I work full time as a registered nurse.
3. I have a wonderful husband, 4 sons, 2 grand boys. Boys run in my family. I am the only girl.
4. I read 2 books a month, 1 nonfiction and 1 fiction. I read collecting book between.
5. I love blogging and the blogging land.
6. I am a recovered hippy chick. Maybe that is why I love antiques and vintage items.
7. I enjoy photography.
8. I got in a car accident the first night I drove my parents car. Sweet 16!
9. I have a sister who is a Yoga teacher and studio owner. I have 2 brothers-one an oil engineer CEO, and the other brother deals in computer science stuff. ALL four of us in my family have college degrees. Unbelievable!
10. I hope to retire in 5 years and travel frequently. However-I will keep my internet stores until I am 100 years old.
11. I have a wonderful group on facebook-ANTIQUE, VINTAGE, RETRO. FUNKY, MOD SHOPPERS MART. Please join us!!!!
12. I was born in Frankfurt Germany-My father was army military man for 20 years.
13. My husband is a famous world known palmist-I have no secrets with him! He is a lobbyist for pulp and paper. He is my best friend.
14. I have 2 Boston bull terriers-daisy may and spot the fox. I love dogs!
15. I lived in Japan for 3years- 12, 13, 14 years old. We left Japan to WA state. I had to start a completely new school when I started the 10th grade.
16. I am a graduate of UT Texas- Long Horns Go!!!
17. My oldest son was "Hell" when he reached 14 years of age. He went to a wonderful ranch in Utah where he was helped to get off substances. He is clean now, with a wonderful job-actually he makes more than all of us. He is a boss-He hates someone else to tell him what to do.
18. I am an apple computer freak!
19. I love clothes-I would day dream when I was young about being a fashion designer.
20. Before a decided to be a nurse, I was thinking about oceanography. I talked myself out of it, because I was afraid of sharks!!
21. I have to work at exercising- I rather write or be o the computer. I dream about having a personal trainer.
22. I like to eat. I am trying to eliminate sugar out of diet. I became a diabetic this year. A new way of life style to live.
23. I love collecting antique dolls.
24. I love foot rubs from my husband-He's a charm.
25. Now this is the last one-It did not take very long-grand finale-I stopped coloring my hair-I am going gray ! I wrote a blog about at:


Sarah Whitmire said...

Happy Valentines day! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. :)



Mar said...

happy valentines day
i enjoyed getting to know you for you

KathrynAntyr said...

It is so good getting to know you. I hope you get to retire on schedule and travel, travel, travel. In the meantime, thanks for traveling to my spot on blogland.

Happy Valentine's Day.
{soul hugs}

Draffin Bears said...

Lovely to learn more about you and what an interesting life you have.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Shell said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Vicky. I enjoyed reading your 25 things about yourself.

Thauna said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Loved reading your 25 things. :o)

teri said...

So interesting to visit your blog and get to know you! Happy Valentine's day, Vicky! xo

Shadez of Michelle said...

Very interesting! It is really nice to get to about the folks you associate with. You are quite a peach!

Lisa said...

Love the 25 things. My husband went to UT, too! I get to hear lots of Aggie jokes. heeee I quit coloring my hair, too. It was an endless cycle. Yay for gray!

Mrs. Stinky said...

Great post! Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day :D
Heather :)

Dawn said...

Really enjoyed my visit here and getting to know a little about you! Best Wishes ;o)

Lady North said...

Darling Crone (and I using it as a Compliment and TITLE!) You are not going 'gray' are going SILVER! (as I too am joining the ranks of Wisdom Keepers) Travel? Count me in as soon as my amazing mate and hubby gets a kidney.
Been slow in getting to are the last on the party list..but heartfelt none the less! Blessings blessings sister SJ'er..LN

vickysplace1 said...