Monday, June 1, 2009

Honor your Mom

My mother has been fighting breast cancer for the past 3 months. When I was told about the horrible news, "mom has breast cancer," I felt like my umbilical cord was been severed-sharp pain.

I am close to my mom all my life. I have lived 2 hours away from the homestead when I moved to set up my own life experiences. My mom and I had many family fun times. I am the oldest of 4 siblings. My mom gave birth to me when she was 17 years old, in 15 days she was 18 years old.

My heart is swelling and tears are swelling in my eyes as I write, as I think of her, and when I had my recent mammogram. I entered the mammogram office-OH MY-my emotions of sadness. The technician placed my breast in the machine,squeezed, hold your breath and I cried. My mom did not get a mammogram for 3 years.

Mom was busy caring for her elderly mother, who passed away last 6/08 at the age of 99. She forgot, she thought about it, she forgot, her doctor reminded her, she forgot and life circumstances took her away from doing her annual mammogram check.

By the time Doctors figured out what mom had, her breast cancer was a stage 4 in the bone. This makes her prognosis 50-50 change for recovery. Her pain is unbelievable-she is in pain misery most of the time.

My message to all women is make time every year to do a mammogram. Do your breast exam between time, because a lump can form before you do your next yearly
mammogram. Early detection means life!

I am sharing the Elizabeth Edward's story link by clicking my title, " honor your mom." Read her story of inspiration, and do mammograms.

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vicky,

I was so sad to read about your Mother and sorry for the pain she is feeling. So hard for you too ~
I am sorry.

I had a mammogram and needed to have a biosopy because there were calcifications shown, that was really scary but ended up not been anything.

Sending my love and hugs to you and your Mother.


Merylu said...

Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my chocolate cake earrings, it is much appreciated!
I just read your post. Sometimes life can give us some very bad surprises. We have to be strong and carry on for those people who love us! Sorry for these words, maybe they don't mean anything for you, maybe are just too banal and don't help you; but even if I don't know you, I feel near you with my heart, and I really hope everything will turn out well.

vickysplace1 said...

I appreciate the encouragement from my blogging buddies. Best Blessings to you all.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Thank you for posting an important message. You may have saved a life.

Tina said...

Hi there sweetness

Thanks for visiting my blog...the Self portrait you viewed was an old one. I am posting an new one tonight. Also, if you have a chance please check out my other blog -

I too have a mom going through cancer right now --so I feel your anxt and pain...maybe we can pray for each other's mom and start a small prayer chain for them.

Thanks for visiting and your link.


vickysplace1 said...

Tina, I would like to start a chain prayer. I tried to contact you, but I am not able to. I checked the blog for your mom, it was lovely. It gave me an idea for my mom. Thank you.

SweetAnnee said...

I was in Stage 4 when my bones.. had brain cancer two separate
times..and here I am
pretty darn healthy..18 months later..
there is HOPE always..

Prayer helps tremendously!!
fondly, Deena