Sunday, July 19, 2009

A bee and the Albino Spider in our Backyard in Everett WA

My husband is a fantastic photographer. I want to share his photo of a bee. This type of bee hangs around our house. Dose anyone know the name of the bee?
My husband challenged himself to take the following photos of the albino spider. It is an unusually spider. We do not know the name of the species.
The albino spider has a large belly. I was wondering if she was pregnant or the male eats to much or is is bathroom time?

Does anyone know the name of the spider?

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vicky,

What great photography.
I can't help you with the Albino spider as that is the first time I have seen one.
The bee, looks a lot like a wasp to me. Not sure though.

Kevin said...

Hi Vicky,

I have an interest in spiders and can tell you that your little critter is almost certainly a crab spider but there are 100's, probably 1000's of species so identifying it more accurately would require more knowledge than I have.

Hope that helps.

bert said...

I just saw one of these spiders in Renton. Did you ever find out what it is called?