Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My son broke his back on 6/27/09

My son, Zak, age 31 had a horrible accident. The ER called and said my son broke his back during a diving accident, I started screaming and crying. The worst thought came to my mind "quadriplegia." I entered into ER, my son knew who I was, he could move and feel all his extremities. Thank God! No spinal cord injury. He did fracture 5 vertebra in the T2 to T4 and 2 fractured ribs. He has a long 5 month recovery, conservative methods instead of surgery. He has three step children and a lovely wife.

My son worked in Canada and lived in the USA. Canada would not pick up his medical expenses. He is struggling to survive this horrible incident. We received a few donations to help with rent, food and gas bills. If anyone, could donate money to help my son it would be appreciated greatly.
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