Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Peignoir, Negligee, Awaken Men and Women To Spices Of Life*

A gorgeous vintage vanity fair negligee set, including a and robe. The robe is full with a wide sweep. The peignoir negligee set looks new, the tag looks new. I do not see any thing wrong with this lovely set. The color is one of kind. Pink underline with sheer blue material on top-magnificent! The pictures are good,but doesn't always capture the iridescent pearl coloring.

The set comes to you clean and fresh. Smoke free environment.

A gorgeous light blue and tan lace vintage movie star negligee set, including a negligee and robe. The robe is full with a wide sweep. The peignoir set is in good condition. The set has some small holes, but still wearable. Due to the flow of the gown and robe, the holes cannot be seen.

Nobly "peignoir" is a word describing feelings of a woman-man in the opening stanza of the poem "Sunday Morning" by Wallace Stevens. "Complacency's of the peignoir, and late Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,--" 
"Peignoir" is a long outer garment usually sheer and made of chiffon. "Peignoirs" are are often worn with no underwear. What feelings of sexuality does the word "Peignoir" birth into your minds? I think flirty, exotic, sexy, eccentric, pleasing to the eye, arousal, and spice of life.

"Negligees" are beautiful works of art made of sheer and semi-translucent fabrics and trimmed with lace or other fine material and bows. Multiple layers of fabric are often used. My favorite "negligees" are from the 1940s to the 1970s.

"Negligees" made from the 1940's to the 1970's are now collectible vintage items.‎ The "negligees" are hard to find, especially with a matching "peignoir." A vintage "peignoir" and "negligee" were worn once or twice, during a honeymoon or wedding night. The sets still can be worn many times.

"Negligee" is a garment intended for wear at night and in the bedroom. This is probably a Victorian definition and does not resonate to the now. Let's not overlook the fact, that a "negligee" can be worn anytime, day or night, and any where in the home. A "negligee" does improve sexuality and sleep.
I found an interesting fact that it was only after World War II nightwear changed from being primarily utilitarian to being primarily sensual or even erotic; the negligee emerged strongly as a form of lingerie.  (The Blue Set is Sold)

(The Yellow Set is Sold)

The care of the "peignoir" sets are simple, because of the material they are made of. Wash the lingerie with mild soap and a softener. Either machine wash delicate, dry delicate, or hang dry or hand wash, wrap in a towel, and hang dry.

I have collected several peignoir sets and wear them occasionally. The sexy and elegant feelings are enjoyable to me. Collect one "peignoir" set in a different color each month. By 12 months, you will have a nice collection. A quality "peignoir" set will cost between $40.00 to $200.00. Buy what you like, cost doesn't matter. You can rotate your collection by selling them on eBay. By selling them on eBay, before long, you will have money to keep your collecting an active self-supported hobby.
Awake to a new spice in life. Think about your sexuality, and start wearing or collecting "peignoir" sets and or "negligees." It is stylish and sexy to wear them. The lingerie you choose is sure to be a wallah!

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