Saturday, September 26, 2009

Antique dresser, buffet, chester drawers and 2 shabby chick mirrors. Listed eBay classified Seattle

Antique 250 years old sewing basket-Scandinavian.
Antique cherry finish, heavy wood dresser for a bedroom or any room.
A gorgeous antique buffet in great condition for it's age.
A cute small oak antique dresser drawers.
The two buffet mirrors shabby chick art. Painted by Martha.
I have listed the antiques in Kijiji Seattle WA Classified adds. To get to Kijiji click the title. Then under sale click antiques/vintage. You will see see my listed furniture under the antiques/vintage. I am helping out my dear elderly friend who wants to sell her antique furniture. She moved into a small apartment and needs room. I am willing to review all best offers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The true meaning of honoring your Mother

Who would ever think in this world that your mother's bowel needed so much attention. The bowel made sharp pain cries. The bowel produced diarrhea. My mother said her bowel was wearing her down. I had a headache-ouch! Immediately, I called the doctor. The doctor ordered Kaopectate. A pharmacist told me the pink milk works the same as Kaopectate. I bought the pink milk instead of going to a different store. Mom took two dosages and her diarrhea stopped-Thank you God.

The next evening my mother yelled -"Vicky, Vicky, Vicky." I ran to her and saw her looking into the toilet. She said, " My stool is black. I never had black stool before. I must be bleeding." I looked at black stool. Now, what was I going to do. Why me! To the best of my nursing knowledge the stool was not notable for blood. The consistency of the stool was not sticky or tarry. I told mom, but she did not believe me.

Mom contacted the Doctor's nurse. I reported to her about the pink milk. I reminded the nurse pink milk stops upset stomach, gas and diarrhea. The nurse said the pink milk caused the black stool. This pink milk caused a pink elephant in my life. I told mom what the nurse said , she sighed with relief. I went in the other room and chuckled hard, harder and almost wet my pants.

Now, I am home. The eight days of caring for my mother after her surgery opened my eyes to honoring your Mother. My mom is much better, she still has breast and bone cancer. Her cancer medications appear to be working so far. God Bless Mom!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Nightmare of a Urinary Catheter,but Honoring Mother

Mother had surgery on 9/8/09. Her bladder decided to spasm with laughter after the surgery. She took medication to calm the bladder. The next morning the darn thing would not empty out completely . The bladder was too relaxed and me and my mother were in hysteria.

The doctor's verdict was for mom to go home with the catheter. My mind said shoot, shoot and more shoot that bladder. Of course shooting the bladder was not going to help matters. The hospital nurse instructed us how to care for the catheter. My mom said she was scared and a chicken. I said mom don't worry, be happy, no problem I have it under control.

I have been out of practice with the clinical on hands practice of nursing for 26 years. I forgot some of the tricks of the trade whent working with a urinary catheter. Of course the hospital nurse taught technical techniques , but not the true life as the world turns approaches.

The set up items needsed to include kleenex. I drained the urine out of the bag, shook the tube ending, raised the tip and urine spray hit my lips. Urine lipstick is auwful! I ran to the bathroom to wash it off. I remembered urine was sterile. Thank God!

The kleenex stopped that event from happening again. Another incident was spraying my big toe in my thong when I forgot to clamp the hose. Gloving the hands is hard to remember. Once I said to myself -I will be Ok with out the gloves. The kleenex wet with urine soiled my hands,ugh!

By the second day, I learned the art of caring for a urinary catheter. The true meaning of honoring your mother.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vintage Dolls and Modern Dolls in my eBay store.

Vintage Hazelle's Marionette Robin Hood-809 Toy. HAZELLE'S MARIONETTE OF ROBIN HOOD, #809, CIRCA 1950's.
A Pretty Kelly Mattel doll 2001 cloth body with tag. Her neck marks mattel 1999.
Cute Collectible Scarecrow Cloth stuffed Body 100% polyester, Autumn Home decoration.
GORGEOUS, Miniature Porcelain Strawberry Blondie Doll with white lace over blue satin dress.
Vintage- The Original Holly Hobbie Miniature Rag Doll. Holly Hobbie is an American icon. Launched in 1967 by American Greetings, by 1975 Holly Hobbie rag dolls outsold Raggedy Ann dolls 5 to 1. Five years later, Holly Hobbie was the #1 licensed character in the world for the adult market. The year range for the doll is 1969 to 1972.

These are few of my lovely dolls! Doll collecting or getting a doll for someone else at a good price is when you shop at vickysplace1.

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