Friday, September 11, 2009

The Nightmare of a Urinary Catheter,but Honoring Mother

Mother had surgery on 9/8/09. Her bladder decided to spasm with laughter after the surgery. She took medication to calm the bladder. The next morning the darn thing would not empty out completely . The bladder was too relaxed and me and my mother were in hysteria.

The doctor's verdict was for mom to go home with the catheter. My mind said shoot, shoot and more shoot that bladder. Of course shooting the bladder was not going to help matters. The hospital nurse instructed us how to care for the catheter. My mom said she was scared and a chicken. I said mom don't worry, be happy, no problem I have it under control.

I have been out of practice with the clinical on hands practice of nursing for 26 years. I forgot some of the tricks of the trade whent working with a urinary catheter. Of course the hospital nurse taught technical techniques , but not the true life as the world turns approaches.

The set up items needsed to include kleenex. I drained the urine out of the bag, shook the tube ending, raised the tip and urine spray hit my lips. Urine lipstick is auwful! I ran to the bathroom to wash it off. I remembered urine was sterile. Thank God!

The kleenex stopped that event from happening again. Another incident was spraying my big toe in my thong when I forgot to clamp the hose. Gloving the hands is hard to remember. Once I said to myself -I will be Ok with out the gloves. The kleenex wet with urine soiled my hands,ugh!

By the second day, I learned the art of caring for a urinary catheter. The true meaning of honoring your mother.

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