Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The true meaning of honoring your Mother

Who would ever think in this world that your mother's bowel needed so much attention. The bowel made sharp pain cries. The bowel produced diarrhea. My mother said her bowel was wearing her down. I had a headache-ouch! Immediately, I called the doctor. The doctor ordered Kaopectate. A pharmacist told me the pink milk works the same as Kaopectate. I bought the pink milk instead of going to a different store. Mom took two dosages and her diarrhea stopped-Thank you God.

The next evening my mother yelled -"Vicky, Vicky, Vicky." I ran to her and saw her looking into the toilet. She said, " My stool is black. I never had black stool before. I must be bleeding." I looked at black stool. Now, what was I going to do. Why me! To the best of my nursing knowledge the stool was not notable for blood. The consistency of the stool was not sticky or tarry. I told mom, but she did not believe me.

Mom contacted the Doctor's nurse. I reported to her about the pink milk. I reminded the nurse pink milk stops upset stomach, gas and diarrhea. The nurse said the pink milk caused the black stool. This pink milk caused a pink elephant in my life. I told mom what the nurse said , she sighed with relief. I went in the other room and chuckled hard, harder and almost wet my pants.

Now, I am home. The eight days of caring for my mother after her surgery opened my eyes to honoring your Mother. My mom is much better, she still has breast and bone cancer. Her cancer medications appear to be working so far. God Bless Mom!

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