Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is Seattle Goodwill?

Picture taken in Budapest Hungary.
Old Picture of a nun.
An old postcard of angels and a heart.

A mission of mine is to give back to the community by supporting the poor. I do this by buying all kinds of items in various community stores. I believe in giving to the poor as part of my business. One of the stores I support is Seattle Goodwill. The Goodwill is a wonderful organization for the poor. A non-profit organization providing basic education and job training services. The Seattle store trains and employs people. They serve 2,200 people at their 9 Job Training & Education Centers last year. They also employ more than 1,200 people. Goodwill's mission is to change lives through employment. Expansion plays a major role in that mission, they need partners who share their goal of helping those in need in the community. Currently there are 19 stores in WA state.
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Sexy, Glitzy, Glitter, Pretty, Beautiful and Glamore

My trip to the Glitter show in Seattle. Enjoy the glitter dress fashion show. The gorgeous dresses pictured would make anyone feel on top of the world with confidence at any special occasion. The sequin brown shiny full sweep dress and the black velvet lace dress with rhinestones are by the designer Jessica Scott McClintock.
I have listed the dresses in my eBay store. Click on the title above and oh la la you will find more information.
Oriental blue glitter velvet dress from China Town Seattle WA.
Designer April Cornell
Designer Jessica Scott McClintock
Designer After 5
Designer Jessica Scott McClintock

It was a one hour wait before Joy and I rushed into the show room floor. Tons of people all around. Women wore leotards to dress in front of large mirrors placed in various areas of the show room.
I packed my Goodwill Eco-Friendly bags. Joy is showing off her bag. Sister shopping is so fun! Joy is excited and I was too. We hunted the glitter show for 6 hours. We both shopped until we dropped. We dropped into China town to eat our dinner meal. We needed food to be able to get home safely.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Once a Year glitz sale in Seatle

I have this lovely Doll in my eBay store. Baby's First Christmas.
My friend Joy
My friend Joy

Today I am headed over to the "Glitz" sale with my girlfriend, Joy. I will be shopping for store inventory. I am excited and thrilled to bring some Glitzy items to the stores for the holiday season. I will share my journey and treasure finds when I get back. I will tweet as I go. Follow my tweets to ride the discovery with me. Ta Ta, I am off to the sale.
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