Saturday, January 30, 2010

Victorian 1892 mirror and brush set adorned with pansies and a blonde lady.

I bought the set from my favorite antique gal in Marysville Wa. The "pansies"  "blonde lady" and the "victorian etching" design is adorable. Why not give this set to a lovely lady for valentines, birthday or just to say "I love you." I am having a hard time parting with the set.  The set would bring glamour and sparkle to my vanity. To look at the set everyday before preparing for the day would be inspiring to me. The set is 118 years old and survived in good condition. I was amazed to see a patent date marked on both items 1892 with a S mark.


Great fun to decor a room in pansies 

pansies on a gold plate

pansies on a lamp shade

pansies on a cup

old pansies picture

pansies on an old crazy quilt

Lastly, needle point your own pansies

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