Saturday, March 27, 2010

Announcing my trip to Souther California

I fly into the Burbank California to meet my son, Jerry and my two Grandsons, Conner and Owen at 5:15pm today. I am now packing. I need to remember their Kid books bought at a recycled book store in Snohomish WA, their second hand clothes bought at mommy go around and their art projects bought at an art shop by by nursing job. Hopefully the suitcase will be under 50 pounds.

I will be in California until april 4 to have fun with my family and the grandkids. I will blog my trip to share experiences to my family, friends and fans.  Keep in tune and take the trip too.

The last time I saw the two boys were at Christmas 2009 at my home. Let me introduce my boys to you.

                                                Conner 6 years old and Owen 3 years old

                                                          Conner with Betty Boop?

                                                                  Owen smiling

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