Friday, April 16, 2010

Saucy Walker Doll, Felicity The first American Doll, Nellie Little House on the prairie, The Dreamer The Hamilton Collection doll

Vintage Saucy Walker Doll by Ideal toy corp 1960's  

She is adorable Saucy Walker doll and rare to find! Take a look at her by clicking the link into my eBay store. She already has bids and 22 people watching her. Only 2 days left.

Vintage Felicity Pleasant Company doll. The first American Doll Felicity Merriman was the first doll added to the American Girl Doll in 1991. 

Original first doll made by pleasant company. There are 25 people watching her and have bids on her. Take a peek!

Nellie Porcelain doll from Little House on the Prairie                        

 I have one watch for her. She is a limited addition porcelain doll by Astron Drake.  Check her out. She is at a bargain price.

 A clown doll, The Hamilton Collection 'The Dreamer' Porcelain Doll By Kay McKee 1993
The Dreamer Doll

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All dolls sold. Visit my eBay store for the latest dolls for sale.