Monday, May 31, 2010

Le Trip France

Le Trip France is having a giveaway and you may win an original rare mid century poster titled,   "French Vintage School Poster Botanical Gardening Rose."  The poster is worth 100 dollars in US boutiques.  This is one of a beautiful series of similar posters used for science classes for French school children in the 1960's.  A school stamp "Ecole Catholiqe de Filles" (Girls' Catholic School) is marked along with other info on a round stamp on both sides.

Side A is full of charm.  Shows how to cultivate roses and how to graft a pear tree. Side B beautifully charts the pollination.

The poster would be beautiful hanging in a restaurant, study, or living room.  The size is approximately 36"  x  27." There are 2 original posters, one for a giveaway and the other for sell on eBay.

An original is being sold currently on the below eBay Auction link.

To enter: go to the below face book page:

These are the following things to do on the the face book page.

1. Write "Je la veux!" in the comments below. (1 point)

2. Post a pic in the fan photos taken in France or a French inspired picture taken anywhere (4 pts). You can do this by uploading a picture on the wall. The picture will automatically transfer to the fan pic. Remember to write and claim your picture.

3. Blog about the contest & link to this page (3 pts)

4. Write about it in your Facebook page (3 pts)

Good Luck!

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