Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Three Sisters make recycled, and re-styled Jewelry

Do you remember using imagination  and communication with your sister about what we could create? The 3 Sisters did just that. They created a  line of jewelry from recycled materials.  Vickysplace1 is now carrying the 3 sisters jewelry. Click on the link and take a peek!

The recycled  domino created with an art picture and meaning on one side of the domino. The other side of the domino is your lucky number of the domino. The domino hangs on a 18inch ball and chain making the cutest conversational necklace for the T-Shirt gal.  The necklace is affordable to buy more than one. I gave the bla bla with lips to my a friend who loves to bla bla and laugh. She is funny and witty. The perfect birthday gift for her. By the way, she loved the necklace and wears it frequently.