Sunday, July 25, 2010

#5 ending life journey with mom

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthImage by NapaneeGal via FlickrMother is very comfortable.  She made a come back from death. She requires more care after the return. She said the door would not open and had to return for unfinished business with her family. Mother does not want to suffer too long.  Mom goes in and out of two worlds. She wakens,  "I am still here?"

Us kids are very emotional. This dying process is affecting all the kids. My brother seems not to want my mother to die yet.  He wants to continue to reduce her pain medication. We all know the pain medication contributes to the death process. You are in a catch 22, comfort and death.

The medical professionals say brother is one of the best caregivers they have seen.  He said he wants to be a nurse. My aunt, her daughter and her daughter are nurses. Nurses run in our family. A bridge program into nursing seems to be my brother's calling. His siblings are encouraging him.  He can live in mom's home rent free after her passing while attending nursing school.

One surprising thing was when my brother hugged me and cried, I cried and my sister cried. We have not seen this emotion from him before.  He is tender and cares about his family.
My husband Sean
I wear the breast cancer clip in my hair everyday to remind me and when others ask to pray for mom.
A park close to where mom lives.
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