Tuesday, July 27, 2010

#7 ending life journey with mom

child art, intentional portrait of motherImage via WikipediaHowever, I am exhausted! The night shift is running me down. My sister is exhausted! She awakes every time I get up, the walls are paper thin and being a light sleeper does not help matters. For some unknown reason mother cannot sleep very well at night.  A routine night, mom is up 3 times. A bad night, mom is up every hour calling out people names asking for help. In reality every night is a bad night because she does not sleep straight for 8 hours.
Last night mom was nervous about my brother was not at the home. My sister and I have been with mom for 3 days and 2 nights alone. My brother was having a vacation away from mom. My sister and I do not believe how he does it.  My brother goes all day and gets up with mom at night to help her too. My mother needs 24 hour care.  I need to go back to my husband and work. My sister needs to go back to Texas where her husband, children and her Yoga studio awaits her.

My mother is stable within her cancer disease right now. A miracle life can be. Amazing come back. We cannot predict her death.  Sister and I say it is time to hire a person to help my brother. It is impossible to care for mom day and night, until I come to the house on Saturday to relieve him until Sunday evening. When I arrive on Saturday, my brother goes to sleep for ten hours. He leaves on Sunday day to do his stuff to get a break from mom's care job.
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