Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#11 ending life journey with mom

My experience with bed rails one day. I check on mom every 10 minutes until I go bed at 11pm, then a check at 3am and up at 6:30am.  On my 10 minute check at 8pm, I found my mother's arm hanging off the bed between the middle bed rail.  Her head, face down hanging off the bed below the bed rail. Her feet hanging off the bed on the other side of the bed. My brother and I carefully saved her arm from being broken.  Mom was angry, her mouth and teeth clinching. I was thinking, "How could this have happened in 10 minutes?"
My mother is having severe terminal agitation and delirium.  The doctor ordered a cocktail of psychiatric drugs to be given within a 6 hour period. Every 6 hours would you can start the dosages over again. Mother was calm and 8 hours went by from her last cocktail treatment. Quickly, mother received her cocktail. She calmed down from anger to peace. WOW!
Hospice advises mother's brain is dying first and then her body. She drinks 7 cups of water a day and no food. Her Foley catheter continues to drain urine.  This has been happening for 5 days.
Tonight my sister is flying in from Texas.  Thank you God! "I need my sister. " My brother and I began syringe feeding water and a nutritional supplement to mom.
One picture says a thousand words. My mother is slowly dying from cancer. My heart is heavy, my mind is forgetful and I am exhausted.
mom asleep
Mom was awake. She loved bears and collected some. She was awake and in a good mood. My brother said it was now time to take a picture with her holding a cute bear.
Mom moved and the bear moved
Mom being syringed fed by my brother
Mom sleeping peacefully
Mom was positioned in bed to keep her skin in good condition

Saturday, August 14, 2010

#10 ending life journey with mom

Mom came home from the nursing home 7 days ago. She had many physical changes in the last 7 days. From deep sleeping for 12 hours  with no water and food then moving to restlessness for 9 hours and drinking water every 15 minutes.  She stopped eating regular food. We are going and going according to my mother's biological body needs.  She now has a urinary catheter.

When the hospice nurse came out on Saturday (8/7/10), I asked her to check mom for stool. Mom had bowel tones and no stool in the rectum.  We were told mom had only weeks left. I left Sunday (8/8/10) to go home to Snohomish. I returned back to work on Monday 8/9/10.  My husband and Joe gave me a wonderful birthday party on 8/10/10.

On 8/12/10 at 10:30am, my mother became extremely agitated with my brother who cares for my mother alone in the home. My mother was hitting, scratching, seeing people, and screaming.  The hospice social worker came at 11am to witness my mother's behavior. My mother told the two men during her restlessness she had to go number 2. 
Mom had a bowel movement 7 days ago when she returned from the nursing home.  My mother was drinking a nutritional supplement and baby rice cereal and water.   She takes small amounts. We increased her water intake and her headaches have stopped.  We are trying to do comfort with food and fluid as long as mom wants.

A terrific doctor returned my brother's phone call from a message he left the day before.  He called during mom's behavior crisis. He gave my brother directions on what kind of medications to give. The doctor said mom would need to take constipation medicine.  A  suppository would also need to be given for mom to have a bowel movement.

My brother called me at 7pm. He said he could not care for mom alone, he needed my help.  I left my home and arrived in Olympia at 10pm. I have been here with mom and my brother ever since.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Natural Laxative Recipe for Natural relief from Constipation

Pallitive home care gave our family the natural laxative recipe to regulate mom's bowel movements. Well it became a favorite way to regulate the bowels of 2 members of the family. I am not going to tell who.

1/2 pound pitted prunes
1/2 pound raisins
1/2 pound pitted figs
1 1/2 -2 oz senna tea leaves
1/4 cup lemon juice

1. prepare tea. use about 2 cups boiling water. add the water to the tea leaves and steep for 5 minutes. you can place the tea leaves in a tea strainer and steep.
2. add the tea to the fruit.
3. boil the fruit and tea in a pan until the tea is almost gone. You want the mixture moist.
4. remove from heat and add the lemon juice. allow to cool.
5. use food processor to turn mixture into a paste.

Suggest to spread over toast, top cereal or eat off the spoon. 1 to 2 tablespoon a day as needed for your body.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

hat for costume

hat for costume
Originally uploaded by the wreath witch
The wreath witch makes heads into pretty ladies. Magnificent art work!