Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#11 ending life journey with mom

My experience with bed rails one day. I check on mom every 10 minutes until I go bed at 11pm, then a check at 3am and up at 6:30am.  On my 10 minute check at 8pm, I found my mother's arm hanging off the bed between the middle bed rail.  Her head, face down hanging off the bed below the bed rail. Her feet hanging off the bed on the other side of the bed. My brother and I carefully saved her arm from being broken.  Mom was angry, her mouth and teeth clinching. I was thinking, "How could this have happened in 10 minutes?"
My mother is having severe terminal agitation and delirium.  The doctor ordered a cocktail of psychiatric drugs to be given within a 6 hour period. Every 6 hours would you can start the dosages over again. Mother was calm and 8 hours went by from her last cocktail treatment. Quickly, mother received her cocktail. She calmed down from anger to peace. WOW!
Hospice advises mother's brain is dying first and then her body. She drinks 7 cups of water a day and no food. Her Foley catheter continues to drain urine.  This has been happening for 5 days.
Tonight my sister is flying in from Texas.  Thank you God! "I need my sister. " My brother and I began syringe feeding water and a nutritional supplement to mom.
One picture says a thousand words. My mother is slowly dying from cancer. My heart is heavy, my mind is forgetful and I am exhausted.
mom asleep
Mom was awake. She loved bears and collected some. She was awake and in a good mood. My brother said it was now time to take a picture with her holding a cute bear.
Mom moved and the bear moved
Mom being syringed fed by my brother
Mom sleeping peacefully
Mom was positioned in bed to keep her skin in good condition

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