Saturday, September 11, 2010

#12 ending life journey with mom

CARLISLE, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 07:  A mourner...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeMy mother still lives. She sleeps and awakens about every 6 hours. I am fussy about her skin. I  place lotion on the skin every time she is awake and turns. Her skin is in great condition. Yea Ha!
My sister and I met with a funeral man to go over mom's funeral arrangements. Pre-planning a funeral saves you many dollars. My own insights about why I do not plan my funeral.  I  do not like to think about dying.  I'd rather think it will never happen to me.  I plan for my funeral will I die sooner, like placing a jinx on me.We are meant to die.  The timing of our death is unknown. It is so much easier on your family when things are planned out and paid for.
My sister and I got lost trying to find the plot where mother would be laid to rest with her ashes. We walked on a lot of graves. The graves feel lumpy under your feet. I hope I did not disturb the graves too much. You wonder as you walk.  Suddenly, my sister called and said I found the plot. Hurray! The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
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Leticia said...

Vicky, sorry about your mom, my heart and prayers are with you and your family. Sorry, I didn't know about it. May God's and Blessed Mother's embrace bring you comfort and peace. Your mom probably got to meet mine up in heaven already and got together for coffee :)