Saturday, September 11, 2010

Missing Mum and Leavenworth WA

I cut my hair short, I looked in the mirror and said mom you would love my new hair do. When I got a new style hair do, I use to call her and tell her. I miss our frequent phone conversations.  My tears come to me eyes and I feel I miss my mum.

My new hair do                                                                                                                                                                                               

My husband and I went on a camping trip to Leavenworth WA. It helped my grieving mind. I have felt heavy since my mum died. After the funeral, I slept for 2 days. It was like jet lag the condition I had coming back from China.

We were going to sell our camper. My message therapist looked at the camper, but she decided not to buy the camper. The camper went to the doctor and works! Our new Tundra truck pulled the camper with no effort. The truck is so comfortable and perfect to travel in.

Our camper and Sean my husband 

The camp site located 18 miles from Leavenworth WA. Sean was a great boyscout and made a fire in the pit. We had meat cheese and roasted marshmallows. Sean made the best stick to roast marshmallows, sorry no picture.
The camp site  had brown bear warnings, but we saw no bear.

The trip in Leavenworth was fun, I found Starbucks!

Across the street from Starbucks was a rose garden

I found a gold cowgirl hat with rhinestones. I felt I was in Texas! The town has a wonderful Christmas decor store.  I bought some bubble Christmas tree lights. The kind we had in the 1960's.

My gold cow girl hat
Christmas tree
Christmas village
Christmas village
I took a picture of the sun going down behind the mountains. It was a beautiful site.

The picture did not show the true beauty of the eyes.

Vicky showing my new hat and bubble Christmas lights
We went back to camp. Fire time!

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Leticia said...

I know your mom is happy with your haircut, they do know what is going on with us. May you feel her embrace and love always