Sunday, November 28, 2010

authorized dealer: "Madina" red and white Rustie porcelain doll #1 artist original

I decided to do a photo shoot of "Madina." It was fun fixing her up and looking at her beauty.  You can click the title to enter the store of vicky's place collectible art curio.

Scarlet red pure 100% silk hand beaded and sequined gown in unique design and scallop around edges, out lined in red beads. White full plush faux fur around shoulders and cuffs and large matching hat. Hat has red turkey feathers with silver lurex and hanging sequins and silver beads,as the purse and bodice piece. Austrian rhinestone earrings and necklaces. NEW natural grey eyes and long layered blonde hair with highlights.

By the way, Rustie values her doll $1,000.00.  I sell the doll to you for $800.00 plus free shipping.

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