Friday, November 5, 2010

Creating an eBook in 30 days-My story

'Betty', Kewpie Doll - Gift of the NSW Government, part of the Sydney 2000 Games Collection.  Photo: Dragi Markovic, National Museum of Australia

This is no excuse. My time is so very limited. I work full time as a nurse. I have three internet stores, a booth at Lindy's Attic (1430 Bickford Ave, Snohomish, WA 98290-1722, (360) 563-9060), a husband, two grown sons and two grown step sons, two grand boys, two dogs, a home to keep clean, laundry to do, cooking, shopping and writing a blog. Lordy and I am only 57 years old. I think I need a maid to help me. My wish upon the star is that I can soon have enough money to hire a maid weekly.  

What is my story? Your story needs to go into the book. I have carefully thought about this a few days.  Everyone has a story to share.

Hi I am Vicky.  In 2006, I started selling on eBay when a friend introduced me to a storage shed of dolls and collectible items from an estate. The lady was a doll collector. She collected collectibles of all sorts. I was told her dolls took the total space in the upper level of her home. I started to learn how to sell dolls.  My Journey continues for as long as I enjoy the people surrounding me.  I touch lives when I work in a way to create peace, happiness and love.  My goal is to make money so I can continue bring positive memories to my customers.

When I was a girl. I remember my parents giving me a doll every Christmas.  Sometimes, my dolls would mysteriously disappear. I wanted the dolls. Years, later I figured out why my dolls went missing. My family moved every 2 years to a new place. My father worked in the military for 20 years. Mom threw away the dolls, toys and clothing until I had only one suitcase of belongs.  The treasures I lost, I seek today. 

Hetherington doll's house, 1930s. Photo: George Serras.
How well I would thrive
If, I stayed in a room in the doll house for a hive!

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