Friday, December 31, 2010

A Meeting with Doctor of Doll Repair

I sat on a chair in his office. Dolls, doll cloths and doll parts were surrounding me. At one point in his life he had two large storage sheds full of dolls and other doll stuff.  He had a doll shop. He participated in doll shows. He still repairs dolls.  He is well respected by all in the doll industry.  He just finished repairing dolls that were burned in a fire.  Currently working on American Girl doll repairs.

Wikipedia wrote-
"In 1986 the first Pleasant Company catalogs debuted character dolls Samantha Parkington, Kirsten Larson, and Molly McIntire. Offered for sale with these dolls were the first three stories of each character's eventual six-book series, period outfits and accessories, and storage options. The dolls were designed by Götz, a German doll-maker. Since then, the company has added to and expanded its historical character line as well as ceasing production of some older characters. The company has also branched out into numerous other product lines, among them the American Girl magazine, myriad fiction and non-fiction publications, a line of contemporary 18-inch 'American Girl of Today' dolls, and the 'Bitty Baby' and 'Bitty Twins' collections. Pleasant Company was sold to Mattel, Inc. in 1997, and the name of the company subsequently changed to American Girl."

The American girl dolls between 1986 to 1997 are very collectible.

The doll hospital is in Bothell WA, about 15 minutes from my home. I found the DollPalace web site and plugged the phone number and address in my Iphone.   "The Doll Palace General Hospital."    

I started a journey cleaning old dolls. I do not know how to repair them. The doctor learned how to repair dolls by the school of hard knocks. He bought useless dolls and parts to practice on. He dumped a porcelain doll in a burning trash barrel. Then practiced on the doll to clean her up.  He has done doll repair starting in 1984.  The art of doll repair is something that you can learn as you go.

I will keep in contact with Ken and hopefully meet his wife( Esther) some day.  They have been in the doll world together. Click on the title to enter their web page.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

special order Rustie Doll sale: The Story of a customer living in Reno Nevada

The memorable customer (Debra), a person I will never forget.  Debra emailed me about her need for a Rustie Holiday doll 34" tall to add to her Christmas theme. She requested 2 different dressed dolls, one was red or green velvet.  Debra sent me her Christmas photos taken last Christmas 2009. I emailed Rustie the pictures. I asked Rustie, "What kind of doll do you think will match her decor a red velvet or green velvet?  Rustie responded " A green velvet dress and hat doll." The following pictures were from Debra's Christmas decor 2009.

 Oh My, Debra decorates fabulous!

Debra chose to purchase the green velvet  #1 original artist doll from Rustie. I set up two payments via paypal for Debra, one payment before receiving the doll and one payment when doll was ready for Rustie to ship to her.

"Hello, Vicky.  PayPal has been sent.....oh, my, she is just GORGEOUS and will fit in perfectly with my Christmas theme.  I couldn't be more pleased.  I am SO thankful she has the red curls, as I forgot to ask for them, and her face is elegant and gorgeous. That hunter green velvet ballgown and hat....well, I am just THRILLED, and I thank you both so much. Thank you, Vicky.  You have been such a pleasure to work with." 

This is the description of the doll from Rustie.

"Hollie Day  34" Artist Original
Over 4 yards of hunter green double velvet at $30.00 a yard,35 hand gathered 6 inch wide Chantilly lace. Full pearl beaded bodice appliqué. Plush ivory fur trim . Austrian earrings and necklace.,. Matching Hat with fur trim."

Debra received the doll and made the following comments. "She is beautiful, a lovely face and just a drop-dead gorgeous costume that will go with my Christmas theme perfectly.  Rustie was kind enough to send me a personalized photo, which I so appreciate...I was wondering if I should have a certificate of authenticity, or maybe the photo serves that purpose on the Number 1 dolls?  At any rate, I am thrilled to death and thank you very much for your amazing and kind customer service!"  The photo and the marking on the neck is the certificate of authenticity. 

Thank you Debra, you are a gem of a customer! 

I am able to take special orders for the doll of your dreams made by Rustie. A one of a kind doll that no one else will have but you. Email me and by working together your dream can come true.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

authorized dealer: "Princess Bride" white and silver Rustie porcelain doll #1 artist original

I decided to do a photo shoot of "princess Bride." It was fun fixing her up and looking at her beauty.  You can move her neck and position the hat as you so desire.  You can click the title to enter the store of vicky's place collectible art curio.
 "Princess Bride"
Unbelievable design in the hand beading in this designer pure silk gown. The intricate beading design is awesome. Photos will not do this one justice. Multi layer back train that comes around to the side in layers of white sparkle crystal organza with silver beading edged a...round each ruffle and the wedding tulle in her hat .Over 280 yards of silver beading .Large matching hat. Large full Austrian rhinestone necklace and earrings. Smoke blue/grey eyes and strawberry long wavy hair. Beautiful silk flowers in her bouquet.

 The above photo was done by a professional for Rustie. The below pictures are done by me in my home. She is a beautiful! By the way, Rustie values her doll $1,000.00.  I sell the doll to you for $800.00 plus free shipping.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

authorized dealer: "Mauveen" white and mauve Rustie porcelain doll #1 artist original

Click on the title to enter the store.  My photo shoot  of  "Mauveen"
34” Artist Original Rustie Doll

Stunning soft Candlelight 100% pure India silk, hand beaded and sequined in intricate design. A soft Mauve 3 D appliques throughout gown,with crystal beading. Large flowing sleeves..Matching hat has full ostrich boa and match fan. Smoky blue eyes and golden blonde hair with highlights.


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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lindy's Attic is the place where I have my first booth

Holiday Open House December 3-5
10% off throughout the store.  Refreshments.  Drawings for prizes.  Holiday Goodie Bags for kids.
Lindy is a real person. In 2007, she bought a building built in 1950. A woodworking shop, then it was an auto repair shop. Lindy turned it into a unique antique, vintage and collectible mall. A gallery for local artists and artisans to sale their wares. I have a booth in the mall. My first brick  booth. Come and see the store and of course my booth over the Holiday open House. The address is 1430 Bickford Ave . Snohomish . WA. The phone number is 360-563-9060. 

                          Vicky and booth

                    Pictures of my booth

 The below pictures are store pictures

 My husband peeking down the stairs