Saturday, October 15, 2011

blog action day 2011 food

Food brings smiles to people faces. Giving food is an act of kindness. I have a theory, if one person gave food to three people and in return those three people gave food to three people and so on, then many people would receive food.  The food you give can be an apple, to an apple pie, to turkey, to a sack of potatoes, to what ever your heart will do for the act of kindness.  Start in your own neighborhood and make a difference.

Friday, August 19, 2011

modern doll collector, an original artist red mermaid porcleain doll by Rustie

 Red Tail Mermaid Mystical Doll

Rustie has made the Mermaid fantasy come true by creating a mermaid doll.  Who has dreamed having mermaids around them? Create your own mermaid room in your home. A large entry can welcome people into your home with a beautiful mermaid doll and theme with other mermaids such as wallpaper, wall plaques, prints and figurines. 

"Jewels of the sea"  Rustie's fantasy mermaid collection.
This fantasy collection will have the unique combination of Rustie's Glitz and Glamour ...... do not miss out!

Christmas in July Mermaid is the number 3 doll in the collection.  The porcelain doll is 38" tall. The doll is artist original and only one doll made like her.

Solid red, this is a true red sequin, with raised pearl appliqu├ęs on bodice sleeves and Mermaid crown. Pearls in her necklace and accessories. Sea blue eyes and soft ash blonde hair. Her fishnet, throne and accessories are all included.

As one of Rustie's dealers, I can take special orders for Rustie to make your special one of  kind doll. If you want to do a special order doll email me at  Email me, if you have any Rustie Doll stories, and want to buy dolls directly from me.

The doll's price is 899.99 with free shipping for USA only. International buyers pay shipping, estimate $190.00, depending were you live.

I have sales in my eBay store. Keep checking the store.

Lay-a-way plan available.
Layaway terms are as follows:
1/3 deposit due on sale  
1/3 due in 30 days
 1/3 due in 60 days
  • Equal monthly payments are required via paypal on set dates.
  • If the doll is paid in full by the second payment you will receive 2% off the layaway.
  • Only 1 doll at a time can be placed on layaway. 
  • No free shipping on doll layaway plan.

Random pictures I found for "Mermaids"


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For my fans living in Washington State

I decided to open a second booth number 713 in Snohomish WA at Antique Station in Victoria Village . The village is located:
1108 1st Street
Snohomish, WA 98290-2911
(360) 568-4913
Mon - Sat 10:00am - 5:00pm, Sun 11:00am - 5:00pm. 

My booth is a large glass case. I invite all my friends living in WA to visit the quaint town of Snohomish and my booth.  The following pictures show case my inventory.

            Horsman doll with a garter belt. 1950's.
                     Collection of made in occupied figurines

      vintage glass perfume collection, amber earrings, opaque glass direct from England

                     Antique and vintage linen from France direct.
            The cutest bronze porcelain doll limited addition. A box of Dr Who Magazines
Clowns, scare crow wizard of oz, doll clothing patterns direct from England, original Dr Ken doll
                                                                    Clown dolls

In 2 weeks my case will be moved at top of the stairs. A better location for display of my antique and vintage items. If you have any questions, email me at

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pretty and Pink #1 Rustie Doll like Spring and Summer flowers

"ELEGANCE in PINK" 34" Artist Original Porcelain doll- by Rustie, The doll is currently available.
You can purchase the doll on eBay Store or the Bonanza Store or direct from me by email (  The lowest price for this doll $755.00 plus free shipping when buying direct from me via paypal. Lay-a-way is available.

A  delightful Rustie doll colored in pink. This is truly "Elegance in Pink" the fabric is organza with ribbon edged in gold ,makes this gown sparkle. She has over 5 yards of this pricey unique fabric with 5 rows of ruffles in cream chantilly lace and self ruffles edged in gold beads,gown also has train .Puffed sleeves and pink bodice piece.There is so much detail on this full gown.Matching hat with full ostrich feathers with matching fan. She has ocean green eyes and blonde with light blonde highlights. Special order Swarovski rhinestone necklace and earrings. The photos will not do this Lady justice. Rustie only had enough of this fabulous pink fabric to do ONE full gown, there will be no more.

I had fun doing a photo shoot with the beautiful bride doll. Her necks moves around to be able to pose her to your liking. "Pink Elegance" is the only doll made by Rustie. Rustie signed her neck as #1 by Rustie.

The doll is new. No flaws. Yes box, yes COA. Her neck documents #1including Rustie signature.

Layaway terms are as follows:
1/3 deposit when first bought, no refunds on deposits, make sure you are serious about buying the doll.
1/3 due in 30 days
1/3 due in 60 days
    •    Equal monthly payments are required via paypal on set dates.
    •    If the doll is paid in full by the second payment you will receive 2% off the layaway
    •    Only 1 doll at a time can be placed on layaway.
    •    No free shipping on doll layaway plan.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

American Indian Gourd or African Gourd Container

The Burke museum located in Seattle Washington had evaluators present to identify rare collectible  objects. The evaluators would not give you a value for your objects, only identify them.  My husband brought three pieces of maybe Ellensburg Blue agate, one a ring and two rocks. I brought maybe an American Indian gourd. The line was long, I felt like I was at the Antique Road Show. The TV 5 camera person was present filming. 

My Husband had one winner. One rock was the authentic Ellensburg blue agate. My gourd was a complete surprise to me. The gourd was an African folk art piece and not American Indian.  The evaluator said the gourd container had water or beetles in it. This gourd had burnt smoke smell inside of it. The evaluator commented the gourd was 1950's. Someone burnt something inside of it? I can stand with my African gourd and say I am surprised about my find, but not disappointed to sell. This is a wonderful piece of folk art.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Listing twenty one things I want to do

Sure we all have heard of the list of twenty one things about how to relax. How about listing the twenty one things you want to do.  I decided to make a personal list of things I want to do.

1. To do an excellent job when I am working as a nurse.
2. To be a successfull weight watcher member.
3. To read one book a month.
4. To do more home healthy cooking.
5. To redecorate and organize my total house. one room at a time.
6. To make to do lists. Organize my time daily, to get the things done.
7. To find successful unique inventory for my stores. My latest adventure is antique and vintage "French" linens. Yes, I have a picker in France. The gorgeous linens will be shipped directly from France.
8. To research and study my inventory items. Lately, it is all about "France and French."
9. To exercise 30 minutes every day of the week.
10. To manage the finances.
11. To keep my car clean. I live in my car Monday through Friday, traveling around for my nursing job.
12. To do one section of housework daily. Then, I would not have to do it all on Saturdays.
13. To have a successful eBay store and booth in Lindy's Attic in Snohomish WA.
14. To go to Church and daily scripture readings.
15.To have better outside beds full of plants and flowers. This would mean to work more outside in the yard.  When nice days are here work in the yard one section at a time.
16. To have a grand garden.
17. To follow the plan to keep my inventory list up to date on a daily basis.
18. To keep my inventory organized to easily find bought items.
19. To blog two to three times a week.
20. To be with my friends once a month and do fun things.
21. To travel with my husband anywhere.

I ended this task. My things I want to do, will vary in the order I do them. My wants may change with wisdom. Write some comments on what you want to do.

 Spot the Fox, my dog. He needs attention by me. We play in the snow.
 Daisy May, she does not like the snow. She would rather stay inside and sleep.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rustie Doll Sale #1 Artist original

My eBay store "Vicky's Place Collectible Art Curio" at vickysplace1 is having a BIG BIG Sale on dolls. Rustie dolls of 2010, brand new with a COA and mint in the box. The Rustie dolls are marked 15% less and free shipping.  I have decided to offer this sale outside of eBay as well. If you are not an eBay buyer. You prefer not to buy on eBay, email me to make the deal.  The following Rustie dolls are in stock:

"Black Ice"

Click below to read about Black Ice

"Princess Bride"

Click below to read about Princess Bride-sold


Click below to read about Madina sold


Click below to read about Mauveen

Rustie is an award-winning, fashion designer and doll artist! The four dolls are Rustie's one-of-a-kind creations. The dolls are designed and made by Rustie directly. Only one doll will be made. Rustie's dolls are exquisite and unique. The dolls are classified as 34 inches.