Saturday, January 15, 2011

Listing twenty one things I want to do

Sure we all have heard of the list of twenty one things about how to relax. How about listing the twenty one things you want to do.  I decided to make a personal list of things I want to do.

1. To do an excellent job when I am working as a nurse.
2. To be a successfull weight watcher member.
3. To read one book a month.
4. To do more home healthy cooking.
5. To redecorate and organize my total house. one room at a time.
6. To make to do lists. Organize my time daily, to get the things done.
7. To find successful unique inventory for my stores. My latest adventure is antique and vintage "French" linens. Yes, I have a picker in France. The gorgeous linens will be shipped directly from France.
8. To research and study my inventory items. Lately, it is all about "France and French."
9. To exercise 30 minutes every day of the week.
10. To manage the finances.
11. To keep my car clean. I live in my car Monday through Friday, traveling around for my nursing job.
12. To do one section of housework daily. Then, I would not have to do it all on Saturdays.
13. To have a successful eBay store and booth in Lindy's Attic in Snohomish WA.
14. To go to Church and daily scripture readings.
15.To have better outside beds full of plants and flowers. This would mean to work more outside in the yard.  When nice days are here work in the yard one section at a time.
16. To have a grand garden.
17. To follow the plan to keep my inventory list up to date on a daily basis.
18. To keep my inventory organized to easily find bought items.
19. To blog two to three times a week.
20. To be with my friends once a month and do fun things.
21. To travel with my husband anywhere.

I ended this task. My things I want to do, will vary in the order I do them. My wants may change with wisdom. Write some comments on what you want to do.

 Spot the Fox, my dog. He needs attention by me. We play in the snow.
 Daisy May, she does not like the snow. She would rather stay inside and sleep.

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