Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rustie Doll Sale #1 Artist original

My eBay store "Vicky's Place Collectible Art Curio" at vickysplace1 is having a BIG BIG Sale on dolls. Rustie dolls of 2010, brand new with a COA and mint in the box. The Rustie dolls are marked 15% less and free shipping.  I have decided to offer this sale outside of eBay as well. If you are not an eBay buyer. You prefer not to buy on eBay, email me to make the deal.  The following Rustie dolls are in stock:

"Black Ice"

Click below to read about Black Ice

"Princess Bride"

Click below to read about Princess Bride-sold


Click below to read about Madina sold


Click below to read about Mauveen

Rustie is an award-winning, fashion designer and doll artist! The four dolls are Rustie's one-of-a-kind creations. The dolls are designed and made by Rustie directly. Only one doll will be made. Rustie's dolls are exquisite and unique. The dolls are classified as 34 inches.

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