Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing everyone a terrific 2011 year!

I am thinking over the year I had in 2010. 

My family life had ups and downs. I think every family cycles with situations and emotions. If not, would they call it a dysfunctional family? Who knows what psychology lingo you can call it. From what I hear about other families, mine seems to be "normal."  Oh My! 

                                wild flowers planted by a wild women

I lost my mom to breast cancer. The work to care for her.  Watching her take her last breath. The beautiful funeral and love sharing with my siblings.
                                               mom's pills
                  My sister playing with our inheritance jewelry

My two son's going through a divorce. One son with two adorable boys. One son with legal problems. Both needing money help. I told my sons, I will not be able to retire until I am 72.  I will take trips in 2011 to California to see Conner and Owen.

                                                  Conner and Owen

Sean's two sons, one lived in Olympia WA and one lived with us. The boy in Olympia found Buda and chants?  The boy who lives with us is on L&I from a back injury. He had back surgery.  His back still hurts and limits what he can do. Thank goodness, Sean and his son do dishes and clean the home.  I do not have time let over to do as many home chores as I would like to do.
My darling husband kept me sane with his comfort, help and understanding.We celebrated holidays together.  We fixed our trailer camper. Sean and I did some camping. I hope to do more in 2011. I have a great time camping with Sean. Our love for each other grew every day.  We both worked two jobs. He works in the pulp industry. I work as a registered nurse and Vickysplace1.


Vickysplace1 included an eBay store and Bonanzle store and Ioffer store. Three locations were my products could be bought. My eBay store out sold the other stores. I am a power seller with an excellent track record of 4.9 to 5.0 stars.  I opened a booth at Lindy's attic in Snohomish WA three months ago. I write a vickysplace1 blog. I started a blog store Vicky's place dolls and collectibles.  The store is not finished yet, but will be in 2011. Thank you my customers, I appreciate your support. 

                                              My booth at Lindy's Attic

I am now thinking in the present and future. I am going to make home, self and business plans for 2011.  As I implement my plans, oh course I will write them in my blog.  I encourage all to follow me in the 2011. Wishing a new year for strong and healthy new beginnings for all! 
                a strong healthy bull and healthy producing cows

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