Saturday, February 19, 2011

Northwest Flower & Garden Show - Blog

Northwest Flower & Garden Show - Blog

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

American Indian Gourd or African Gourd Container

The Burke museum located in Seattle Washington had evaluators present to identify rare collectible  objects. The evaluators would not give you a value for your objects, only identify them.  My husband brought three pieces of maybe Ellensburg Blue agate, one a ring and two rocks. I brought maybe an American Indian gourd. The line was long, I felt like I was at the Antique Road Show. The TV 5 camera person was present filming. 

My Husband had one winner. One rock was the authentic Ellensburg blue agate. My gourd was a complete surprise to me. The gourd was an African folk art piece and not American Indian.  The evaluator said the gourd container had water or beetles in it. This gourd had burnt smoke smell inside of it. The evaluator commented the gourd was 1950's. Someone burnt something inside of it? I can stand with my African gourd and say I am surprised about my find, but not disappointed to sell. This is a wonderful piece of folk art.