Friday, December 7, 2012

Come see Vicky at the Vintage Market on 12-8-12 in Tacoma WA

The Urban Market a place to shop for great antique, vintage and cool stuff.  I am  excited to try a new venue to sell my wares, a show before Christmas will be a gathering of many Junkers in one Tribe. I invite my crazy, awesome, fun friends and customers to come to the market and shop. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

At the Holiday Show December 1-2, 2012 in Monroe Fairground Washington State

I am teaming up with my friend, Esther, to do a holiday bazaar at the monroe fairgrounds. We are excited to try a new adventure for the both of us. The fairgrounds will have a flee market, gun show and the holiday bazaar all going at the same time. We have a booth at the holiday show. There will be nice holiday wear and other clothing for women to choose from. A dressing room will be set up for trying on clothing. Collectible items vary to christmas items, dishes, figurines, baskets, quilts,dolls, pictures and other curios. There is a nice selection of curios for gifts to anyone including yourself. Come out and visit our booth.

Holiday Bazaar
12/1/12 to 12/2/12
10am to 6pm
location: comercial bldg #400

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Zombie

The bat picture frame
 Spiders, webs, bats, pumpkins, and costumes,  many crafts to make with your family and friends during halloween.  My youngest son decided to be a zombie when he was in junior high school.  On our porch hiding behind a black box, was the zombie. The zombie holding a sword jumped out behind the box voicing a scary scream when the kids reached our front door.  The kids screamed and ran away. After the zombie came out five times, the kids stopped coming to the door.  The zombie news spread fast in the small town. The zombie went out with his friends for a couple of hours. I had a full bowl of candy.

Pumpkin Head My Favorite .......

Pumpkin Head My Favorite .......

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Doll Collector interviewed, fascination with bride dolls

Carol, a doll collector said she started to collect dolls in 1985, about 30 years.  When she was a child, she loved dolls. Her mother gave her at Christmas an F and B bride doll at the age of eight.  Carol had a powerful attraction ever since to Bride dolls. She dreamt of being a bridal designer, but this fantasy never came true, except through her bride doll collection.

Driving to a doll shop 100 miles away, shopping on eBay for dolls or buying from doll designer dealers (like me), she has collected may various kinds of dolls from vintage to modern styles. She loves her dolls and plays with them as well. Her dolls are kept in one room with the door closed to protect them from animals, environmental dirt and the kitchen odors.

Doll collecting stikes something in Carol's soul. An eccentric outlook on why she collects the dolls she does. In her mind, the doll is what you want to be. She lives her life thorough her dolls. "Every doll represents a dream. I live my dream with the doll. A doll represents my dream."

Sometimes, she sells her dolls.  It is only a doll, but has meaning to her, however she gets over it when the doll goes to a loving home.

The below doll was made OOAK from Rustie, named "melrose"  Melrose is a one of a kind doll, documented #1. She was purchased by Carol from me. Carol loved her beautiful dress.  The perfect, beautiful  doll for Carol, a doll she was so happy to have added to her collection.

Carol sent me pictures of her dolls. I am sharing them with you for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A warning to shoplifters?

A serious shop owner. To think so long ago there were shop owners like me now!

Monday, January 2, 2012

What another resolution for this new year of 2012?

Okay okay I have to ask...what are your New Year's Resolutions for 2012 and/or how did 2011's resolutions turn out? I look back at the year 2011 visioning; What did I do? I did do every thing a little better. However, my record keeping is in my mind and not on paper.

Organization is always on my everyday mental list, when to clean which room, when to list new inventory in my eBay store, how to organize my work desk for efficiency, when to write a blog, when to cook nutritious food, when to exercise, when to read, when to go and put merchandise in my Snohomish booth, when to pay bills, when to play with my husband, when to go to the movies, kitchen organization, when to be with a friend, when to ship to my customers, and I could go on and on.

Is using a calendar every day hard for anyone else to do? Is your mind keeping track of stuff to do? Is your life full of impromptus? Would I do best when on a calendar routine or not? Okay okay, I am going to try a calendar routine for one week and then evaluate my progress or lack of. I will first make a list of things to do, things I know of. I will be flexible for things that come up during my week.  Oh my, I will need to look at the calendar; How many times a day? I am beginning the "calendar use," but first I need to figure out what kind of calendar I should use? Um, I have iCloud for Mac, a good place to start.