Sunday, August 19, 2012

Doll Collector interviewed, fascination with bride dolls

Carol, a doll collector said she started to collect dolls in 1985, about 30 years.  When she was a child, she loved dolls. Her mother gave her at Christmas an F and B bride doll at the age of eight.  Carol had a powerful attraction ever since to Bride dolls. She dreamt of being a bridal designer, but this fantasy never came true, except through her bride doll collection.

Driving to a doll shop 100 miles away, shopping on eBay for dolls or buying from doll designer dealers (like me), she has collected may various kinds of dolls from vintage to modern styles. She loves her dolls and plays with them as well. Her dolls are kept in one room with the door closed to protect them from animals, environmental dirt and the kitchen odors.

Doll collecting stikes something in Carol's soul. An eccentric outlook on why she collects the dolls she does. In her mind, the doll is what you want to be. She lives her life thorough her dolls. "Every doll represents a dream. I live my dream with the doll. A doll represents my dream."

Sometimes, she sells her dolls.  It is only a doll, but has meaning to her, however she gets over it when the doll goes to a loving home.

The below doll was made OOAK from Rustie, named "melrose"  Melrose is a one of a kind doll, documented #1. She was purchased by Carol from me. Carol loved her beautiful dress.  The perfect, beautiful  doll for Carol, a doll she was so happy to have added to her collection.

Carol sent me pictures of her dolls. I am sharing them with you for your enjoyment.