Sunday, April 7, 2013

Business Plan

A nurse who works full time. I wonder how I get all this done. I have a wonderful husband who helps me be successful. He supports my efforts in the journey of junking. I love the creativity and the avenue to release my mind. It is like Yoga practice.  A healthy avenue for me to be on. 

I have started to do vintage and antique shows, one to two a month. I closed my two booths at Lindy's Attic in Snohomish. My base store is eBay at vickysplace1. I have given vickysplace1 and my blog a re-do.  My facebook page is updated to a new look. I have a tremendous amount of vintage and antique inventory to sell. My picking for vintage and antique curios brought me to many exciting places from in Washington, California, United Kingdom, Finland, France and Ireland. I am beginning to dabble in painting furniture using the distressed look.  I sure love vintage clothing. I seem to sell vintage clothing in every venue. When I was in my late teens I dreamed about being  a fashion designer.  

My husband  is doing the shows with me reading the hands as a palmist.