Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We visited the 500,000 silver bar. The boy's found their cowboy hat. 500,00 silver dollars line the bar.  We goofed off with guitar sunglasses.   

Dan is Sean's child hood friend from the age of 2 years old.  Part of the Ramsey kid group. Dan is a retired junior high teacher, oh my he loves children. He told many stories, but the one I remember is the one how he hitched rides on trains. oh, the Ramsey kids built forts, bridges over creeks and did fishing and camping.  I think Conner thinks he can go with a couple of his friends camping without an adult like the Ramsey kids.  

We set up camp in Dan's vacant lot next to his house in superior mt. Across the street was a grade school play ground where the boy's hung on to metal bars like a monkey. Conner can do the monkey bars by himself. Owen loves to hit the baseball. He said baseball is his favorite game. They threw a kid's football and well done.  

A fire was in the hills opposite of where we were staying. Helicopters flying back and forth. The rescue center was set up at the grade school.  Big news in a small town. 

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